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Train and deploy your AI models in minutes

Built for data scientist and engineers. No more devOps skills required.

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Intuitive. Fast. Purpose-built.

End-to-end project, model and hosting management platform, which allows companies to convert data and algorithms into holistic, execution-ready AI-strategies.

Model training

Intuitively and efficiently train machine learning and deep learning models easier, faster and at low costs.

Simplify the way you train ML/DL models

Focus on hyperparameter optimisation, not on building DevOps/MLOps pipelines.

Speed up the time to results

Drastically reduce the time to train models, from hours to minutes, by leveraging data and model parallelism.

Save up to 70% of costs

Leverage our purpose-built, high-performance computing infrastructure and pay-per-second-of-use pricing model.

Model deployment

Instantly and affordably deploy AI models for any application anywhere, at scale.

Deploy in hours, not months

Fast track deployment of AI models into production by automating optimizations and benchmarking.

Put your time to better use

Save up to 25% of a Data Scientist’s time that would otherwise be spent on fixing deployment issues.

Make hosting cost flexible and transparent

Benefit from our Fair Pricing pay-per-minute-of-use model, underpinned by an AI-optimized infrastructure.

How to deploy on iSquare ?

Create iSquare account

Sign up and connect your GitHub repo for easier access.


Choose deployment method

Deploy a custom model or prebuilt model. We’ll handle the build for you.


Call your model in production

Use our client SDKs to call your model with a single line of code.

Our Customer Stories

Learn how companies use iSquare to build AI models faster and change the way they do business

iSquare reduced our costs and increased our flexibility. But, most importantly, our business can now scale.

Thimothée Savoy


iSquare has allowed us to automate otherwise time consuming data analysis processes, as well as improve and facilitate the standardization of our data analysis procedures.

Nadine Aït-Bouziad

Research scientist

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